Saturday, February 29, 2020

Regular Fit Men's Jeans

Regular Fit Men's Jeans♥

Men's regular fit jeans for your sims!

6 colors.
 Custom thumbnail. HQ mod compatible.
For The Sims 4.

Do not re-upload, edit, use my mesh without permission!



  1. I always seem to have trouble with the adfly downloads. I've already attempted this particular one 6 or 7 times. Each time, waiting 5 seconds, then clicking skip ad. Nothing else, but other ads, or pages unrelated to the download pop up. It seems like, for me, these only work about 10% of the time. I always use you think that might be the reason? Anyway, I'll probably save this page, and try again sometime later.

  2. Same for me. I've tried to download several of these mods following the directions shown above and it never works. My virus protection software blocks several things as soon as I click on the link, so maybe that's causing the problem. I'm not about to disable virus protection when accessing something as sketchy as adfly so I guess I'm out of luck.
    I'm done with adfly.